The Thomas Ronayne Family in
Castlelyons, County Cork and Newport RI

Baptisms from the Catholic Parish Registers of the Parish of Castlelyons, Diocese of Cloyne, viewed at the National Library of Ireland in Dublin.

July 20 1828
John of Thomas Ronayne x Catherine Roche
Sp. G. Quirk x Salve Roche (almost illegible)

May 20 1928
___ (looks like John) of Thomas Ronane x Catherine Roche
Sp. _____ x Betty Roche

June 20 1830
William of Tom Ronayne x Kathy Roche of Britway
Sp. Michael Roche x Cath Denehy

May 15 1836
Mary of Tom Ronayne x Kate Roche
Sp Tom Coleman x Margaret O’Hern

April 15 1838
Julia Ronayne of Thomas Ronayne x Catherine Roach
Sp. John Roche x Ellen Ryan

Sept 1832
David Ronayne of Thomas Ronayne and Catherine of Britway
Sp. are illegible (print very light)

***These are all the children of Thomas Ronayne x Catherine Roche,
a Newport Family. Thomas emigrated to Newport with his children. He was born c. 1800 in Castlelyons, Co Cork to William Ronayne and Catherine unknown, he died July 18 1855 in Newport.
He left a will naming his children as follows: John, Mary, William, David, Julia & Thomas.

1. John R. Ronayne b. 1828 , baptized July 20 1828 and died July 28 1893. He married, Ellen Sullivan, daughter of Patrick Sullivan & Julia unknown. She was born Abt. 1829 and died June 12 1895. There was no issue from this marriage

2. Mary was born May 15 1836 in Castlelyons, Co Cork. She married ___
i. Thomas Murray
ii. Robert Murray
iii. Patrick Murray
iv. Mary Murray

3. William was born June 20 1830 in Castlelyons, Co Cork and died August 14 1867 in Newport RI. He married Bridget Cleary daughter of Michael Cleary & Catherine unknown, February 16 1858. She died Aprill 5 1910 in Newport.

i. Catherine
ii. Mary
iv. David J., died 7-7-1913
v. John, born 1-23-1865
vi. William

4. David was born Sept 1832 in Castlelyons, Co Cork and died November 27 1900 in Newport, RI. He married Annie Conroy May 5 1861 in Newport. She died October 15 1872. , no issue from this marriage He remarried Margaret Quinn.
Children of David Ronayne & Margaret Quinn

i. Thomas H.
ii. Mary V. died 12-29-1906 in Newport.
iii. Isabella
iv. John Joseph born 10-17-1882 in Newport.
v. Margaret
vi Catherine died 4-22-1879
vii David died 7-16-1879

5. Julia was born April 15 1838 in Castlelyons, Co Cork. She married Jeremiah Carter.
Children of Julia Ronayne & Jeremiah Carter
i. Benjamin
ii. Julia
iii. Mary
v. Maggie

6. Thomas Ronayne--no birth info found.
Thomas is on the 1860 census living with his siblings
but then disappears .
It is unclear if this is the Thomas Ronayne who married Mary Mernin (my gg grandparents) ---
As the first three children of this marriage were born in Ireland in the 1860’s. Thomas would have to have returned to Ireland from Newport, married and started his family then returned to Newport.
In 1867 there is mention of Thomas Ronayne in the Newport City Directory.
Thomas Sheekey remembers being told by his father Thomas that the Ronayne’s stayed on a property on Gibbs Ave upon arriving in Newport. This Property being a house where the above #5 David Ronayne lived.
Also Thomas & Mary lived on a house on Dennison St which was owned by John Ronayne #1 .
There are no parents listed on Thomas Ronaynes death record. My grandfather, James Sheekey, makes note of a brother of Thomas Ronayne living in Ogdensburg, NY (James Ronayne) but writes nothing about the Ronaynes living in Newport, RI.
The children of Thomas Ronayne x Catherine Roach make no mention of Thomas or James in their wills. In the Will of James Ronayne, he leaves everything to his wife’s sister and the children of his brother Thomas.

And so we continue to research the Ronaynes and hope for a connection.

Children of Thomas Ronayne & Mary Mernin

i Michael born July 14 1865 in Deelish, Dungarvan, Co Waterford
ii Thomas born abt 1861 in Ireland
iii Patrick born abt 1866 in Ireland
iv Bridget born June 17 1870 in Newport, RI
v Mary Ann born July 4 1870 in Newport, RI
vi James born about 1869 in Newport RI

**Researched by Patty Sheekey--please contact me at for source information.