Extracts from the Parish Registers of
Drumconrath in the Diocese of Meath
in the County of Meath


May 31 1813
Catherine daughter of George Connor x Mary Sheekey
Sp: Bern Murray and Margaret Sheridan

November 12 1812
Thomas Son of Pat Sheekey x Fanny Clar
Sp: Nicolas Lidiuadge(?) and Catherine Sheekey

February 23 1813
Mary daughter of James Ward x Rose Bern
Sp: Peter Nulty and Catherine Sheekey

April 8 1813
Mary daughter of Thomas Halfpenny x Mary Sheekey
Sp: John Sheekey and Elizabeth Halfpenny

June 16 1813
John son of John Sheekey and Mary Keefe(?)
Sp: John Hoy and Annie O’Neil

June 22 1813
William son of Owen McConnor and Mary Sheekey
Sp: Atency Cortenay and Catherine McGinnis

January 30 1814
Henry son of Richard Cortenay and Anne Sheekey
Sp: Thomas McConnor and Bridget Lynch

May 10 1814
Mary daughter of Charles Flinn and Rose Fay
Sp: John McConnor and Rose Sheekey

June 23 1814
Andrew of John Ludwich and Bridget Matthews
Sp: Hugh O’Brien and Catherine Sheekey
Daughter born to Peter Gatton and Ruth or Beth Sheekey
Sp. Ma__ Cary (?) and Judith Gatton

December 26 1819
Thomas son of Peter Gartland and (unreadable)
Sp. Catherine Sheekey, O’Sullivan and P. Mooney

October 1820
Mary daughter of Michael McConnor x Bridget Smith
Sp: Bryan Sheekey and ______

July 15 1821
Marie daughter of James Sheekey and Margaret Shekleton
Sp: L___ Pigeon and Bridget Kelly

November 18 1821 Anne daughter of James McKenna x Ally
Bellino (?)
Sp: James Sheekey and Anne Levine

May 7 1822
Anne daugther of Peter Gartland x Catherine Sheekey
Sp Nicolas or Michael Sheekey and Mary Keldon

November 6 1822
Bridget daughter of Pat Skelly x Rose Sheekey
Sp: Hugh Hickey and ____

October 2 1823
James son of John Shekeey x Catherine Collan
Sp: Thomas Halfpin and Etian Conlon

September 8 1823
Mary daughter of John McConnan x Bridget Carrol
Sp: Pat Doherty and Margaret Shekleton

May 4 1825
Anne daughter of Pat Sheekey x Frances Clarke
Sp: M Doogant (?) and Mary Haiky

May 7 1825
Michael of Pat Lidwich x Biddy Sheekey
Nich Mckid___ and Anna Dwich (?)

May 14 1825
Jane daughter of Pat Skelly x Rose Sheekey
Sp: Pat Riordan and Mary Reid

September 18 1825
Jane daughter of Peter Gartland x Catherine Sheekey
Sp: John Sheekey and Mary Gartland

November 4, 1825
Miles son of Peter Smith x Ally Hugly (?)
Sp: Thomas Farrelly and Bridget Sheekey

November 28 1825
Lawrence son of Pat Tallon x Jane Fagan
Sp: Nick Sheekey and Bridget Nulty

August 1826
Daughter of Connor x Mary Sheekey
Sp Jas Taafe and Mary _____ (Pages ripped)

August 16 1825
Sarah daughter of Pat D__h x Bridget Sheekey
Sp. O Cortenay and Mary Powderly

January 6 1827
James son of John Sheekey x Mary Shields
Sp: Pat Shields and Mary Mead

June 23 1829
Catherine daughter of Bryan Sheekey x Mary Casanngh (?)
Sp: Pat Geharty and ___ Clarke

February 12 1830
Margaret daughter of Pat Skelly and Rose Sheekey
Sp: Joseph E eishley and Margaret Bearne

September 10 1830
Mary Daughter of Pat Sheekey x Elizabeth Guare (?)

October 26 1830
Daughter to John Sheekey x Mary Treck (?)
Sp: Thos Larly and Betty Meale

September 1831
Mary daugther of John Sheekey x Catherine Callons

September 1831
Mary daughter of John Sheekey x Catherine Callan

January 1832
Daughter to Bryan Sheekey x Mary

March 18 1832
Bridget daughter of Nich Sheekey x Mary Malone

June 9 1832
Rose daughter of Pat Sheekey x Elizabeth Gerard

May 4 1834
Jane daughter of Pat Sheekey x Marg Gurard

May 30 1835
Thomas son of Nicholas Sheekey x Margaret Malone


January 1813
James Sheekey x Rose Fields
Witnesses: John Sheekey and Ann Foster

May 1813
Mathius Conlon x Anna Pidgeon
Witnesses: Pat Pidgeon and Catherine Sheekey

February 1813
Connnelly x Rose McCabe
Witnesses: Givens McCabe x Catherine Sheekey

January 27 1821
Pat O’Kelly x Ana Sheekey
Witnesses: John Sheekey x Anne Keelan

February 21 1827
Edward Clarke x Mary McKenna
Witnesses: Bryan Sheekey x Thos Reilly

February 18 1830
Pat Sheekey x Eliz Gerard
Witnesses: James x Patrick Balfe

May 18 1830
John Sheekey x Ann McCullen
Witnesses: John Sheekey and Mary Carroll

September 29 1832
Francis Martin x Mary Dolan
Witnesses: Rich and Bryan Sheekey

February 2 1842
Thomas Shekey x Catherine Mooney
Witnesses: Pat Geraghty anc Bridget (unreadable)

September 12 1842
James Carr x Ellen Warren
Witnesses: Michael Sheekey x Mary Buco(unreadable)

February 10 1854
Owen ___ x Mary McG___
Witnesses: Bidy and Bryan Sheekey

July 24 1855
Thomas Brady x Mary W____
Peter Kigby and Bidy Sheekey

September 26 1855
Thomas Brady x Mary Larney
Witnesses: Bryan and Bidy Sheekey

**at the end of the film--- Rare parts of the 1871 Census that survived

In the Townland of of Newstone

John Sheekey 68....Small Farm & Laborer
Mary Sheekey 64
Bridget Sheekey 36 daughter
Patrick Sheekey 30 son
John Sheekey 26 dismissed from ____ Gone to America.

Townland of Rooskey

Gaynor Peter 61 Laborer
Mary 62 wf
Mary 29 daughter
Patrick 27 son
Margaret 25 daughter
**All Gone to County Louth, May 1 1871